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shinythings&esoterica index
welcome to se_index, an update and archive for the multi-fandom scan gallery shinythings&esoterica.

please see the community profile for basic information about the site and links. at the moment, this community's main purpose is to keep track up updates to the site, but i do plan on setting up an archive to make it easier to find scans from particular sources and subjects.

archive policy
do not claim our scans as yours.
do not remove watermarks, unless using the images for graphics.
do not add credits if reposting anywhere else.
credit is appreciated. :)

if you are a translator or graphic designer and would like larger scans for a specific purpose, please pm/email the original poster. usually we have them available upon request.

for any other questions you may have, feel free to pm or email me. ^^

thanks for visiting!
2010.Apr.28 @ 11:21 pm - [update 2010.04.28] magazines
just a note for those of you watching this comm. my scanner's started acting really funky and i'm not sure how long it will be before i can get a replacement, so it may be a couple of weeks before you see any more posts from me. rest assured there'll be scans coming eventually, my backlog is weeping for lack of storage space. ;_;

Junon 2010.04 - TVXQ (4)
Pati Pati 2010.01 - Big Bang (3); TVXQ (7)
Popteen (Chinese) 2010.0 - TVXQ (2)
ctrl+alt+del ][ chef + lightsaber = otp
2010.Apr.11 @ 12:50 am - [update 2010.04.11] cds, magazines
TVXQ - 時ヲ止メテ version a+b, jaejoong & yunho cards (16)

an-an 2010.04.14 - Jaejoong/TVXQ (9)
CD Data 2010.03 - TVXQ (8)
fans★fans 2010.01 - Super Junior (6)
Play 2010.01 - Super Junior M (4)
Play 2010.03 - Super Junior (2); TVXQ (1)
Spur 2010.04 - TVXQ (4)
ryeowook ][ will kill you in your sleep
2010.Mar.29 @ 05:01 pm - new affiliate!
please welcome shinythings&esoterica's newest affiliate

a Super Junior M forum
geng/ryeowook ][ piece of this
2010.Mar.20 @ 06:44 pm - [update 2010.03.20] cds, magazines
Super Junior M - SUPER GIRL version a, download zip (13)
Super Junior M - SUPER GIRL version b, download zip (18)

non-no 2010.03.20 - TVfXQ (9)
S Cawaii 2010.03 - TVfXQ (2)
kyuhyun ][ boys be ambitious
2010.Feb.27 @ 09:37 pm - [update 2010.02.27] cds, magazines
TVfXQ - BREAK OUT! version a+b, download zip (18)

Pia EX 2010.04 - Koda Kumi (2); TVfXQ (8)
Ray 2010.04 - TVfXQ (4)
ViVi 2010.04 - TVfXQ (20)
henry ][ i'll blow your mind
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